trading robot

Trading with a yield of 60% per annum

Makes money even in a falling market

Suitable for both beginners and experienced investors

Start investing with any amount

Our own ZTHB token (Zero To Hero Bot) you can easily buy on exchange and start earning right now.

Choose your path to profit

For conservative investors, the Zero to Hero trading bot will provide a stable income, while adventurers will be able to multiply their capital х10 with the ZTHB token.

Control your capital 100%

Cryptocurrencies are a safe and anonymous way to invest. And the technology blockchain will provide a level of transparency that surpasses any bank or investment fund.

Connect with other investors

Answers to questions and support are always available in the telegram chat Zero To Hero Chat. We also provide investment education and rewards for inviting friends.

The stable profit of the Zero to Hero bot is the key to the long-term success of your investments

What is unique about the Zero to Hero bot?

This is a trading system that makes transactions for buying/selling cryptocurrencies on futures market

$10,000 invested in February 2022 in Bitcoin, S&P500 and ZeroToHero

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Bitcoin S&P500 ZeroToHero
Feb 22 10000$ 10000$ $10000
Mar 22 10642$ 9588$ 10178$
Apr 22 8446$ 8606$ $10287
May 22 7128$ 8608$ 10465$
Jun 22 4482$ 7885$ 10610$
Jul 22 $5227 $8604 10890$
Aug 22 4496$ 8240$ 11395$
Sep 22 4362$ 7469$ 11884$
Oct 22 4623$ 8127$ 12305$
Nov 22 3700$ 8388$ 12747$
Dec 22 3567$ 7926$ 13095$
Jan 23 4988$ 8372$ 15964$
Feb 23 5026$ 8150$ 17472$
Mar 23 6182$ 8450$ 18168$
Apr 23 6348$ 8574$ 18457$
May 23 5908$ 8779$ 18750$
Jun 23 6616$ 9341$ 19421$
Jul 23 6347$ 9645$ 20288$
Aug 23 5633$ 9470$ 20334$
Sep 23 5854$ 9015$ 20658$
Oct 23 7523$ 8816$ 21036$
Nov 23 8187$ 9603$ 21755$
Dec 23 9171$ 10027$ 24292$

While the cryptocurrency world is losing money, the Zero to Hero robot is taking profits. It does not matter whether the market is falling or rising. The robot earns on high volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency market. Here are its main advantages:


Earn without interruption

The robot works 24/7 and monitors and analyzes dozens of different positions every second with 100% efficiency.


Be calm about the result

The robot relies only on mathematics and a well-honed trading strategy. It does not succumb to greed or panic, from which even an experienced human-trader is not immune.


Observe and manage

All bot operations are transparent and available for investor analysis. At any time, you can stop trading, study each transaction, and get full statistics.


Reap the fruits of progress

The robot is constantly being improved and adjusted, it implements new effective strategies and finds new opportunities for earning.

Robot developer - programmer and trader with 10 years of experience

Artem Kramin

My name is Artem Kramin, I am a programmer-mathematician, I have developed more than 30 trading robots for various customers. Successfully completed a course in algorithmic trading at Oxford University College.

Algorithmic trading is equally well applicable to the futures on the RTS index, and to the shares of Sberbank, and to bitcoin. However, the cryptocurrency market has several advantages:

A large number of instruments with good liquidity

The robot trades more than 150 cryptocurrency futures, which allows diversify portfolio and reduce risks

Low commissions of the cryptocurrency market

You earn more other things being equal

High volatility

The crypto market is characterized by very frequent fluctuations and the robot takes advantage of this.

Earn at moments of growth, and calmly sit out drawdowns:

  • buys every time the price of an asset falls by 1-3% from the local maximum.
  • sells when the price rises 1-3% of the purchase price.

The success of the robot lies in many fine adjustments

  • When position is averaged
  • How we manage the portfolio as a whole
  • How much we enter the position
  • How we allocate capital between assets
  • At what point do we close the deal

The robot started public trading in February 2022. and has been profitable ever since.

Connect and start earning with trading robot Zero To Hero is possible today. Choose the option that suits you

Buying a Zero To Hero Bot Token (ZTHB)

  • From any amount of investment
  • Fix your income at any time
  • The price of the token is growing due to new buyers of the token and the profitability of the robot
  • Potentially more profitable but speculative approach

What does “speculative approach” mean?

The token is an instrument traded on the PancakeSwap exchange, which means that its price will rise if it is bought and fall if it is sold. It can be compared with a conditional share of Apple - the price of a token can fluctuate greatly, but grow by hundreds of percent in the long run.

How does the profit of the robot affect the price of the token?

When the robot fixes profit every few days or weeks, it directs it to buy back the token, that is, it becomes the same buyer as you. The tokens redeemed by the robot are burned forever, a deficit is created and the price of the token grows.

How much is the token worth now?

Token price dynamics can be viewed here. Significant price drops on the chart are early investors who took profits and sold the tokens.

Why do we need a token at all?

The token is a large basket in which investors collectively raise funds, and the bot uses this capital for efficient trading, because. he needs more depth. Therefore, the token allows you to invest from any amount and receive income by increasing the price of the token.

How does the author of a robot earn?

The author takes a commission of 30% from the profit of the robot. The remaining 70% is used to buy the token from the market, pushing its price up.

I have more questions, where can I find out more?

Join our telegram channel Zero To Hero Chat, where project representatives and other investors will answer your questions or watch webinar for beginners.

Connecting a robot to a trading account via API

  • From 6000 USDT on an ApolloX or Binance exchange account
  • The deposit is frozen within the trading period, but you can stop trading at any time
  • You make a profit by trading the robot on your account
  • A more stable and conservative approach

What causes the 6000 USDT threshold?

Exchanges have limits on the minimum transaction. Due to the fact that the robot trades many futures at once, the threshold of 6000 USDT allows the robot to qualitatively diversify and protect capital from drawdowns.

Why is the deposit frozen during trading?

The robot opens many positions during the period and follows a trading strategy. If you stop trading in the middle of the road, then there will be a fixation, and there is a risk of loss or loss of profit.

What if the robot loses all my money?

For trading, the robot uses only a small part of the deposit. This allows you to greatly reduce losses during market crashes. The robot's priority is risk minimization.

Why should I choose this connection method?

It is suitable for those who want to receive stable small profits without shocks. There will be no volatility of the ZTHB token, but super-profits of hundreds of percent are also impossible.

How does the author of a robot earn?

The author takes a commission of 30% from the profit of the robot. The remaining 70% goes to you.

I have more questions, where can I find out more?

Join our telegram channel Zero To Hero Chat, where project representatives and other investors will answer your questions or watch webinar for beginners.